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Sometimes the simplest of decisions can change your life forever

The Consultation Process

The aim of this process is to investigate the potential underlying causes of disease, which relate to you as an individual. There are so many factors that have led to this point in time and all this information can potentially play its part in your present condition. Nutritional Therapy believes that this requires a process, not a simple “fix-for-all” textbook approach.

What is the process?

  • Initial phone call or enquiry form

  • You download and complete a questionaire and send it back to me

  • From the information you give, an in depth evaluation is undertaken

  • The first consultation, which lasts approximately 60-90mins

  • Follow up consultation/s as required (45mins)

How much does it cost?

£70 Initial Consultation
This includes further questions, evaluation of your case, dietary recommendations and supplements (if required) and discussion of further tests that maybe useful. This price reflects the time that I spend evaluating your case history before we meet.

£45 Follow up Consultations
Generally 2-6 weeks after the initial consultation, and discusses test results, case progression and an ongoing nutritional programme.

£245 package (save £50). Perfect for 'weight-loss that stays lost'
Initial consultation and assessment, followed by 5 further consultations and communication in between.

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