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Food should be enjoyed, in good company and in a way that supports survival in a challenging world.

About MD Nutrition...

MD Nutrition stands for Matt Doolan Nutrition. He holds a degree in Nutritional Therapy from the prestigious University of West London. Matt is a Nutritional Therapist, and has decades of experience working and supporting people from a very wide range of backgrounds. His patient, strategic and caring approach aims to enable individuals to take control of their own circumstances. Using Nutritional Therapy to combine evidence-based nutritional support, with individual-specific guidelines, each case is thoroughly researched and sensitively presented. 

Special interests include digestive disorders, intolerance's, mental health and sports nutrition.

“I have always loved food and the pleasure that it brings. But it has not always served me well. As a child and an adult, I suffered from recurring health problems that resulted in a long process of medical assessment, which eventually led me back to diet. After exploring all the conventional avenues of scans, tests, pain therapists, various medications and pain relief, it was finally suggested that I trial dietary changes as a last resort. Surprisingly this made a huge difference to a long lasting and difficult journey. This resulted in a desire to understand why this was the case, to enable me to help both myself and others with new found knowledge”

The field of nutrition is a growing one and knowledge is never complete. To support his clients with the most up to date scientific evidence, Matt continues his post graduate studies by regularly reviewing the latest evidence and attends professional seminars throughout the year.

Matt has always worked with people and continues to work in other fields, supporting groups of vulnerable adults and children. He has a calm and welcoming manner, understanding how important is it to listen to a clients needs.

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